The first step to a perfect solution


The first step towards customer satisfaction is to understand the customer’s needs. We listen very carefully and perceive nuances.

The results are customer-oriented , tailor-made products and solutions in line with the market.

We combine product development models with agile principles from software development. This is a fast and interactive process that enables high quality solutions at a low cost point.


As an experienced specialist, we offer you automation and assembly technology at it’s finest: Robust and durable solutions for your plant engineering.

  • Palletizing of valve seat inserts with position checking (3D scanner)
  • Fully automatic machines for the assembly of automotive parts including process monitoring
  • Semi-automatic machines for testing and marking of molded parts
  • Testing machines with exchangeable modules for maximum flexibility
  • Combination of all following areas
  • End of Line Tester( EOL)
  • Standardized assembly tables in profile construction

Assembly technology

  • Manual/ pneumatic pressing of parts with/ without process monitoring
  • Servo-controlled assembling with force-distance monitoring
  • Thermal joining of plastic parts
  • Ultrasonic welding of plastics
  • Rotary pressing of VA parts
  • Soldering electronic components with process monitoring
  • Laser welding of plastics

With us, the customer gets what he wants and needs.

We manufacture prototypes for our customers and offer CAD design as well as CAM programming through to manufacturing of entire assemblies.

Regardless of whether you want to lower the manufacturing costs, optimize properties or reduce the number of variants: We provide you with an objective assessment of the current status, the systematic approach to develop optimization measures and an overview of technical alternatives in order to achieve noticeable improvements.

Handling systems

  • Pick-and-Place systems
  • Robotics (Scara, 6 axes, cobots)
  • Portal systems (X-Y and X-Y-Z)
  • Sorting of components

Component identification

  • Color coding
  • Inkjet printer
  • Dot peen
  • CO2 laser marking
  • Fiber laser marking


Driving things forward, bringing the right partners together, developing innovative products – these are the topics that drive us. Accepting challenges and solving tasks are part of our daily business. Our products are used where the highest quality and absolute accuracy are required.

Testing technology

  • Mechanical testing (force, torque, pressure)
  • Optical machines (3D-scan, camera technology, vision systems)
  • Electrical testing (resistance, current, voltage, HV test)
  • Functional testing of your components

Leak testing

  • Pressure differential testing for solid and partial objects
  • Pressure differential testing with closed volumes
  • Leak testing with comparison part
  • Flow tests
  • Functional tests with pressure differential testing

Good is not good enough

For us, that means developing smart & simple solutions. Today and tomorrow.


Testing systems

For quality assurance and process monitoring, testing systems are necessary before, during and at the end of the assembly processes. Our experience in the range of leakage testing has been proven by the successful implementation of testing equipment from individual parts up to complete systems. Currently, pressure differential testing is most of the time the right choice for you. Additional measure data and parameter can also be gathered for leak testing. 

Implemented systems:

  • Leak testing systems of solid bodies with pressure differential testing
  • Testing systems of process valves or automotive valves with measurement of leak rates. Opening pressure and electrical parameters
  • End-of-Line testing (EOL) with complete recording of all of the product’s process and measurement data